July 23, 2013


As is evident by my complete lack of posting, summer is a busy time for me.

I plan on updating more frequently when school rolls around in August, assuming that my workload isn't too insane.

In the meantime, I can give a rough idea of what's been going on.
  • Starting in late May, I started a job at a local company working in the software release services group. One of the assignments I've had is to try to update a Microsoft Sharepoint list from *nix machine. (There will eventually be a post about this.)
  • I did finally get Arch working on my laptop. (There might be a post about this, I haven't decided.)
  • I am currently exploring using playonlinux to play games designed for Windows on Linux.
  • Also, I am slowly learning HTML so that my code formatting will be less atrocious.

For anyone interested in short stories, I found two very interesting stories:
  • Tyro, a story about a true artificial intelligence.
  • Ra, a series about magic as a science. (I highly suggest this one, as it is an ongoing series.)

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